Monday, October 1, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Halloween traditions

I have been asked on Twitter by multiple people what kind of traditions I follow during the month of October to celebrate the Halloween. I consider late September to mid November "Spooky Season," mostly due to the awesomeness of Oktoberfest, Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead, and celebrate during this time. With fall and winter, you seriously get the best holidays and the best food.

Here are my current traditions in no particular order (which will be crossed off when each one is completed):
  • Making candied/caramel apples  Completed 10/7
  • Having a horror movie marathon  Completed 10/7
  • Attending a friend's Halloween party  Completed 10/26
  • Drinking hot spiked cider (Not applicable when I'm pregnant, obviously!)  Completed 10/26
  • Drinking hot/cold cider (Applicable anytime!)  Completed 9/16
  • Watching anything related to Elvira (she's so cool!) Completed 9/28
  • Dressing up in multiple costumes  Completed 10/25
  • Going trick or treating (with friends or with Evelyn) This didn't happen due to Evelyn and I being extremely sick. The thought is depressing.
  • Enjoying a Halloween edition of a regular candy  Completed 9/28
  • Honoring my ancestors with incense, lighting a candle, silently praying, and offering honey afterward The full rituals I have been planning have been put on hold until I'm feeling better. They will probably take place around my anniversary. I have been offering prayers by fires, in the meantime.
  • Participating in All Hallow's Read  Completed 10/7 (We celebrated early on Misgivings Day! How awesome is that? ;3 )
  • Participating in trick or treating for UNICEF We may or may not be able to do this, all depends on Evelyn getting better. :/ UNICEF is accepting donations late due to Hurricane Sandy's destruction.
  • Checking out a seasonal Halloween store  Completed 10/30
  • Wearing a vibrant colored wig  Completed 10/15
  • Wearing various over-the-top makeup looks for the hell of it  Completed 10/23
  • Scaring people whenever possible by creeping up on them  Completed 10/22
  • Enjoying a Sam Adam's seasonal beer  Completed 9/24
  • Reading scary stories online or in book form  Completed 9/26
  • Making a sugar skull Going to make these on November 1st or during mine and Ian's wedding anniversary.
  • Consuming something pumpkin flavored  Completed 9/25
  • Drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in a blanket with a fire started in the fireplace  Completed 9/22
  • Watching a foreign horror movie
  • Creating a hypersigil I have created the hypersigil, and hopefully going to fire it for Dia de Los Muertos.
  • Listen to Gothic/Halloween inspired music  Completed 9/15/Technically all year round!
  • Watch The Kingdom of Witches to get into Halloween mood (totally awesome Youtube video worth the watch! I have been watching this since it was first released. I will put up a post on it tomorrow!) Completed 9/29


  1. Looks like a cool checklist...looking forward to your blog during the Countdown!

  2. I love your checklist! You're inspiring me to write my own list.

    1. That's pretty awesome! You should write up the checklist/traditions you have, and post it as a reply to this comment. ^.^

  3. Yay checklist!
    I've been meaning to create one myself as I usually just go off a mental list, and then on November 1st I realize I've forgotten something.
    You've inspired me!