Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Prep Time On Crack

So much to do before Halloween hits. So little time.

  • I still need to check off everything on my Halloween traditions list (with exceptions being the ones that can't be completed this month, of course!)
  • I still need to finish up the artsy versions of the Fear Series (should be finished and lumped together by tomorrow! Fingers crossed!)
  • My nails need to be either polished black (that was held off today since all of my clear polishes are too thick to use now. I should have grabbed some Seche Clear when I had the chance yesterday!) or have nail stickers put on them (I haven't used any of my nail stickers since I keep making a decision swaps at the last minute; this isn't good since they're only one time use)
  • A craft store run is in order for Mod Podge and pipe cleaners for multiple projects (preferably Michael's to see if they have any cool stuff on clearance and to see their Halloween stuff in general)
  • Mojo bags and sigil booby traps are in the works since the spirit overload as of late
  • I need to see my grandma on my dad's side since it sounds like she's close to being on her death bed for the second time
  • I need compatible makeup solutions that would go with multiple costume choices, specifically before the twenty-sixth, when the parties would take place
  • On that note, I need to finalize and make costumes for Ian, Evelyn, and me before the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh for sure
  • I need to borrow a sewing machine from someone A.S.A.P. to make projects and costumes
  • Ian and I need to finish marathoning Tales of the Crypt, and return the box set to dad
  • I need to decide if I want the Humble Bundle or not (since it goes away in six days!). I love reading new books any time of the year, and some of the books are worth checking out just for the authors that made them (some of the books look All Hallow's Read worthy)
  • I need to get the ends of my hair trimmed, preferably during the full moon since I missed getting them trimmed on the new moon (I've decided that more volume would be awesome over length). Trimmed hair will make wearing wigs a breeze
  • I need to get all of the missing ingredients for the desserts I was planning on making for the end of this month/for parties bought and sorted beforehand
  • Pictures for either leisure or work need to be developed and used/sent out to their owners
  • Ian and I need to visit Jose before the month is up, especially since we have more time now with Ian quitting his other job. We both really miss him.
That's all I can think up for stuff that needs to be done before Halloween. Do you have any last minute stuff that needs to get done too, or are you all ready to go? If so, post in the comments. Thanks! x

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