Friday, October 5, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: The Fear-Zombies (Part Three)

Note before we start this post: Many apologies about the late post. Cleaning for the party has been pretty crazy, especially with my concussion feeling as if it's relapsing due to accidentally getting headbutted the other day by Gazo. I have been forced to take it easy as much as possible, even with the party time limit and multiple projects that need to be completed at hand. If things get worse, I'm probably going to end up back in the E.R., and the party will probably be cancelled. This situation kind of really sucks.

The Fear: Zombies

These next couple of days are going to go over my fears of zombies and spirits. I'm separating these posts due to each post being pretty lengthy. I'm highly necrophobic. Mostly, I fear what the dead actually think of us. If they were reanimated, would they come back completely soulless?  Would they still keep their memories and habits, but still decay? Would their mind be controlled by a parasitic force, forcing them to kill against their will and reverting them back to basic needs (the likely choice)? If they were in spirit form, why can't they move on? Am I being watched at this very moment by one of them? Did I piss them off when they were living, somehow, and now they're possibly after me?

The fear of the zombies, in specific, started off due to being exposed to a B-rated, Filipino horror movie that dealt with voodoo zombies. I watched this movie with my mom since she didn't like watching horror movies alone, and I wanted to learn Tagalog. I don't remember the name of the movie (I've been constantly been trying to find out what it was so I can re-watch it). What I do remember is the fact that that one of the final scenes dealt with some of these poor people being drug into the earth by the dead and being swallowed up into the earth while the dead feasted upon the living that they caught. I still remember that scene to this day, picture perfect, and it sends chills down my spine. I slept with the lights on for weeks afterward. I feared back then that one of the voodoo zombies would grab my legs, drag me into a hole in the ground, and devour me while the earth swallowed us up.

It was awhile before I came in contact with anymore zombie related stuff. I think I honestly wanted to repress the idea of zombies on purpose, on a subconscious level.

Enter the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 2 really freaked me out while I watched my younger brother play through it. I had to see the other games to see how they turned out. I was exposed to the first movie in high school. The storyline was alright, but it still creeped me out pretty badly. I think the way the dead moved, and the music really creeped me out the most during that movie. That movie had some pretty creepy one-liners. After one of my guy friends, Joey, told me about the book series, I had to read them all. If you seriously want the best Resident Evil experience, you need to read the books for sure. The macabre detailing will leave you sleepless for weeks, but it's totally worth it to know the canon story line.

I was hooked, even though I was creeped out every time I was exposed to anything dealing with zombies, even to this day. I'm pretty sure with my enthusiasm on knowing things about zombies that my old group would agree that I even loved zombies. In truth, I studied up on them so I could avoid them like a plague if they happened to exist.

I would like to survive, please: If you happened to wonder if I have a zombie survival plan, I do. In fact, I have thought up and plotted plans in dealing with multiple situations, and with family, strangers, or if I am alone. I made Ian promise to kill me off if I became a zombie if there was no cure during the chance that a zombie apocalypse would happen and vice versa. In my will plans, I have asked for a barrier to be built around my coffin in the case I happen to be reanimated. I also like that plan since I don't like thinking about people stealing my stuff after death or doing worse things to me, personally.

What are your thoughts on zombies? Do you think zombies are possible or a hoax? Do you have a plan? Do you think zombies are overrated? Post your thoughts in the comments. Thanks! x

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