Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: The Fear-Medical Needles (Part Two)

Note before we start this post: I relabeled the titles that dealt with the Countdown to Halloween to separate them from other posts I may be making this month. This is also my personal blog, after all. What I love about this particular blog theme is that each post will still show, but will be lumped together for the same day that they were posted in, so you guys will be getting something extra. I am having a Halloween party on the seventh of this month (to avoid parties overlapping later on). On that day, you will get a party related post AND a Fear Series post. How awesome is that? ^.^ Other times, you may get a personal post or even a review overlapped with something else CtH related that was not planned in advance...

The Fear: Medical Needles

I have to admit, this is one fear that has waned or worsened over time, due to the situation.

My parents said that I was a trooper when it came to medical needles around when I was born up until the age of four. I could even look at the needle and not be fazed one bit. The shot was administered, and then everything was over with. Here's a lollipop and a bandage for you, along with your discharge papers. Done.

Everything changed up until the age of five, when I dealt with my first dentist experience in Idaho. My family attended a local dentist place since it was cheap and got the job done. The first dentist I had was not great with kids and elderly people (he had such poor reviews from patients that he eventually got fired!) and had even pinned me to a chair trying to administer a shot into my gums. I called out for my parents when the dentist was being too rough. My dad rushed back, and saw what the dentist was trying to do, and told him to stop. I rushed out of the chair in tears. Dad was not pleased, and told the dentist off. I would not attend M. Dental for over ten years after being traumatized. I was referred to a specialized orthodontist after that incident.

Since then, I was being highly skittish around medical needles, with good reason. The State's medical facility had some male nurses that were beefy and rude. One of them vice gripped my arm while giving me shots I needed for traveling overseas. My right arm was bruised for days. I try to avoid going there whenever possible for my shots now.

The worst part was yet to come. Enter my sixth grade year, which was the second worst year of my whole life. Mom and dad got told off since I wasn't updated on my shots due to school records not transferring right. My parents argued that I had shots, especially since I had traveled outside the country not too long ago to see my family in the Philippines. The schoolboard wouldn't listen, since the state doctors hadn't sent them my records as planned. We were referred on over to St. Luke's over in Meridian. I liked the lower areas of St. Luke's since the building was brand new at the time and had multiple areas with fish tanks. What I didn't like was the fact that I thought that my Pediatrician was a pedophile/creeper (it was later seen via the news that he was arrested for being a part of and owning child porn, confirming my fears), especially around my brothers, the rough/rude nurses, and the fact that they didn't bother contacting the State's facility for their shot records, causing later overdoses that could have killed me. To this day, by body has random spasms due to the overdoses (these spasms were heavily noticeable during middle school, and were so bad that I was referred to multiple doctors around the state). I thought that my family hadn't tried suing them for maltreatment, but I recently found out that they had, and unfortunately, lost in the end. The fact that I was manhandled when I got my blood drawn later in their lab did not help their case.

Since then, I have only been getting getting shots/blood drawn at St. Alphonsus if I can help it. Their services are way nicer in general.  During my pregnancy with Evelyn, they handled me with care and even brought in specialists to help me out. I endured through shots and blood draws for Evelyn, and would do it again if I have to-for her.

Have you guys had any freaky/bad/good experiences in dealing with medical needles? If so, post in the comments! Thanks! x

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