Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Bittersweet Parting

I wish I could have ended this countdown on a stronger note. Sadly, I was beyond sick today. This Halloween was very uneventful due to being so. We were planning on trick or treating with Evelyn, trick or treating for UNICEF, trunk or treating, have a full on brunch while watching scary movies, and attend a friend's party. My only saving points of today/tonight were doing peoples' makeup around the Finch house, taking pictures of the kids, attending the pre-board meeting for Jose, and dressing up as a pinup witch. I have posts that I'm planning on doing next year for sure. More reviews, more pictures, etc. This countdown was a blast, and it was an honor and privilege being apart of it.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. Take care! ^.^

P.S. Here are some photos taken during Halloween day and night. Enjoy!

Sarah was my first makeup victim of the night. Muwahahahahaha!

Here's a really close up shot of Sarah's face makeup. I really wish I was able to get a good shot of her right arm. I made her arm look so gross. I know this look was a success since people couldn't recognize Sarah at first, and even ran away from her. >:D

The second victim of the night. Kira wanted to be Belle for Halloween, so her makeup was kept more innocent. I used lighter, shimmery shadows on her eyes, smoked out at the ends. The rest of the face was kept simple with just some finishing powder, blush, and my new favorite lip stain.

I had to include this adorable shot. ^.^

Sarah freaked out Kira by popping up behind her when she didn't notice. The moment was golden.

Sarah's neighborhood friend came over, so we took more pictures before they left for trunk or treating. I've had so many people compliment on this picture the most. Their expressions are priceless.

My brother-in-law, Logan, dressed up as Guile this year. This is a picture of him comforting Evelyn before I dressed her up in her makeshift costume (explanation below). Adorableness overload! >w<

Steph requested a picture with Logan, and had asked to borrow one of my dresses. I complied to each request. I was planning on wearing this dress tonight, but didn't want to ruin it, since I still was coughing up my lungs.

The Finch house all lit up for Halloween. We had so many trick or treaters this year. It was awesome!

Vintage Ghost Bear goodness. <3 This is one of my all-time favorite decorations around here.

Here are my father-in-law's favorite Halloween decorations. The grim reaper is the latest addition to his collection, and seriously freaks Connor out so bad. Also, people were lining up to take pictures with these guys, which made my FIL's night.

This costume was completely makeshift. It's the dress that my mom and grandma picked up when they were in the Philippines, and gave to Evelyn for her first birthday. Her bat costume didn't pan out, and her jack o' lantern jumper pulled a Houdini on me, so this was a last resort. I call this look "Young Snow White."

Ian was so tired. He stayed up past 24 hours, so I let him sleep. He, sadly, had other plans so I hardly was around him today/tonight. On a funny note, he almost fell asleep with his Finn hat on. :P

Last, but not least, is me as a makeshift pinup witch. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit online, even though I didn't change into it until last minute. I'm not wearing makeup, as I didn't want any germs in my makeup palette. The witch hat is Sarah's. More pictures of this look will be posted up tomorrow when I'm not so drowsy. Goodnight!

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