Friday, October 26, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Spooky Events

(Note before I start this post: Another day/night where things are crazy hectic around here. Five possible parties/gatherings are happening tonight. Also, still helping with grandma's funeral preparations. X.x We might go to one or two parties/gatherings with how tired I've been today. I got less than three hours of sleep this morning with Evelyn being super fussy, and still have to work on last minute crafts, treats, and costumes. As you might expect, here is a short, but pretty sweet post...)

I got really good feedback (via Skype, Twitter, etc.) from using the Readlist last time, so I decided to make another one. Here you go!

Enjoy! ^.^

P.S. A really fun attraction whose link wouldn't work with this Readlist roundup would be Linder Farms. This attraction has the most stuff to do stuffed into one attraction. This place was made famous for its pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hay rides, and Trail of Terror.

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