Friday, October 5, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: The Fear-Zombies (Bonus)

(Note before we start this: I definitely have other favorites for this particular fear, but they will be listed in future posts, if you were wondering...)

Some of the best of the best stuff that deals with zombies...

1.) Resident Evil novels

Here is a Listmania list that deals with all of the novels (as unearthed by The Outstanding Seanny).

Notes for the best reading experience: If you want to scare yourself silly, read in the dark with a flashlight or by candlelight. These books are definitely made for an older crowd, and can really scare a child with macabre details. If you hate conspiracy theories, this book series probably isn't for you.

My personal thoughts: I've read a good majority of horror novels back in the day, and these are honestly some of the scariest books I've read to date. The details are heavily macabre and done right. I didn't sleep right for weeks after finishing each book. My favorites in the series are The Umbrella Conspiracy, City of the Dead, and Code Veronica. If you have played the games, seen the movies, or a newbie to the RE series, this is the best place to start/go back to. Extremely worth the read.


2.) Shaun of the Dead

Notes for the best viewing experience: This movie is perfect when you want a darker comedy, but with a touch of action. This movie is best for the people that are new to zombie films, horror movie veterans, and people that don't want to watch something too scary. A definite party favorite. Also, a definite watch for fans of British tv shows.

Personal notes: I'm dead certain (I made a punny!) that this movie is going to become a classic in the future. The casting is perfect. The music and one-liners are super catchy. There were some parts of this movie that made me jump the first time I saw it. If you think about it that way, this is a perfect movie to prank someone to, especially if they have never seen this movie before. I have so many emotional ties to this movie that it isn't even funny. For example, I got this movie as a Blu-Ray as one of my anniversary gifts from Ian.

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