Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Drink Spirits, Be Merry

(Before I start this post: Yet another hectic day. Woke up past 9 a.m. in an awkward fashion. I was still pissed after coming home from Denise's get together earlier this morning, and finding out that Evelyn was abandoned in her playpen. Seriously, I'm never letting my SIL watch her ever again. This day has had more cons than pros. The worst part of this day dealt with a call from my dad telling me that little kids are basically being forced to stay home from the funeral. We searched around for a babysitter. Tomorrow is not an issue, since my MIL and FIL will be home to look after Evelyn. Monday is quite an issue since the kids will be in school, and everyone else will be either at work, school, or out of town. At this rate, Ian probably won't be able to attend mass with me or ride out with me to the cemetery since he'll be forced to watch Evelyn unless a miracle happens. It's rather unfair and stupid. This last minute request seems to have some prejudice backing (I don't want to get into the long story about it) and is quite uncalled for. We also weren't able to go to Boo At The Zoo over at Zoo Boise. It really bums me out since I wanted to see the expanded bat exhibits and the red pandas roaming about. The only highlight of this day has been getting the Candy Corn Halloween prize package from The Spooky Vegan (seriously, much love to her. She is so amazing! We have such similar tastes in things. You're seriously missing out if you aren't reading her blog) from a previous contest she had. I'll be posting up a picture on Instagram of it's contents tomorrow.

I love a good drink, just like everyone else. Raised Catholic (I've strayed from this religion for multiple reasons though), I'm no stranger to spirits, and have been drinking for religious and social reasons for years in moderation. Due to attending Jenise and Kelly's Halloween parties since 2009, I've also been addicted to looking up good party drink recipes. Here is a list of some of the best Halloween/spooky themed drinks, pre-made or not, that I found online. Due to being out of it, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. I might make another list later.

Enjoy! ^.^

P.S. For those that were wondering about my Instagram account and wanted to follow me, my screen name is riverisiren.

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