Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams prove that/
All nightmares can be controlled/
Fear Series up next.


Have you ever tried lucid dreaming?

It's quite fun, once you get the hang of it. It took me weeks to get used to falling asleep funny to get it right. I can control it now without worrying that I might screw it up.

The main reason I wanted to be able to control my dreams was the fact that I kept having nightmares, "storybook" nightmares to be exact. To make a long story short, storybook nightmares are nightmares that basically continue night after night, one right after the other. They can be the same dream from the night before, just revealing a little bit more each time to up the dread factor, or they can be completely new but add to the "story" in the long run. The worst storybook dreams involved a fun house, zombies, and toys taking over peoples' souls.

Due to being inspired by Courtney, I tried lucid dreaming for the first time in three months, just before Ian called me on his first break at work. I was surprised that I was still able to do so with ease. I love being able to do so during the case of nightmares. Being weird, I like being able to see a comparison in my dreams side by side, in a kind of PIP style.

Once I was able to identify that the dream was going to take a turn for the worst, I willed myself to partially wake up, then fall back asleep. The PIP screen showed up to my upper right, blank. The dream already had a feel that I was already in a video game, since we were taking care of stuff on a farm in the equivalency of Farmville as a team. We were headed back to the main house to take a break. I was going to take a shower to get the grime off of me. After I was finished, the PIP screen started to glow, and the nightmare equivalent began. I was supposed to get sexually assaulted by some random farmer, and JGL was going to save me. Glad that I dodged that bullet, except for the JGL part, I took charge of the moment. I was able to talk the farmer into getting marriage therapy with his his wife, and he went on his way. JGL was able to pick me up normally, and take me home to be with Ian and Evelyn for dinner. All was well.

Then my phone rang. Ian called. I finally woke up entirely, a lot happier than I originally would have been if I hadn't recognize the signs of a nightmare coming on. It really is a life saving tool.

I wonder if a person could lucid dream battle against Freddy, in a literal sense. I bet he wouldn't like that. :P

Have you ever experienced lucid dreaming before? If so, how did that go? Would you like to try so if you could? Do you think someone could lucid dream battle against Freddy, and possibly win/be squashed like a bug? Comment below in the comment box. Thanks! x

P.S. Here are some links and for lucid dreaming if you wanted to try it:

Some really awesome books on lucid dreaming

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