Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: The Fear-Medical Needles (Bonus)

Best of the best horror movies dealing with medical needles...

Movie #1: Audition

Notes for the best viewing experience: This movie starts off a bit slow, but works up to a faster pace.  Make sure you pay attention all the way through, especially at the end. This movie is best for a person that loves psychological horror, foreign movies (especially with a Japanese flair), and sexy femme fatales.

Personal thoughts: This movie will mess with your mind until the end. You think you get what going on, and then everything becomes absolutely trippy. Most of the scenes with the needles still make me cringe to this very day.


Movie #2: Planet Terror

Notes for the best viewing experience: This movie is best watched with people that love action and ridiculousness. This movie might inspire you to make barbecue ribs, or make you shy away from them altogether. I highly recommend this as a party movie.

Personal thoughts: This movie combines some of my biggest fears of medical needles and zombies, and yet, I still love it. You can't help but root for some of the female leads and poetic justice served in this movie. As a fair warning, some of the one liners are addictive and you may find yourself saying them without realizing it.

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  1. ack... just mentioning them is enough to give me the willies...