Friday, August 31, 2012

Early morning reflections

I had a post in the works before this post, but am still debating on posting it publicly. For the time being, it will remain in the drafting stage, in case I want to change up the wording. The reason being is the fact that there are a lot of sensitive topics within the post that are still difficult to share. A lot of what is in that post hasn't been told to anyone/told to only a couple of people.

Anywho, I can't believe that it's the end of the month already.

Today is both dad's and Jevonna's birthday today. Jevonna will be the same age as me for a little bit (it still surprises me of how old she really is! I remember thinking that she was older than me at some point. I blame the Virgo in her!). Dad is turning 64 today.

The last blue moon is in the sky at the moment. It's crazy to think that it will be the last blue moon until 2015.

Evelyn is currently watching Sesame Street. I'm glad that she took an immediate liking to that show, especially since I grew up with it. Ian didn't care for it much when he was younger, but his ears perked up when I told him the creator of the Muppets was involved. He told me that he might watch the current episodes with Evelyn if he was awake then.

My mind needs to get back into work mode, especially before this work month is up within the company I work for. I want to get my promotion. I'm shooting to be a RVP by the end of this year.

It seems that another one of my favorite bands has been found by the downtown kids. I fear that my favorite songs by that band are going to be played over and over again to the point of me hating those songs/not being able to listen to those songs for awhile. I don't need an ex incident. FYI-the situation got so bad that I could memorize every single song he played, along with the title of the song, the artist of the song, the year the song was made, and the album it was from.

After being caught up on Tabletop, I want to play Elder Sign pretty badly. Now, I have to get caught up on Film.

Speaking of film, I need to get Rachael's films developed soon. It sucks that the lab was busy. If I had the chemicals, I would develop them myself.

I also need to get postcards made and mailed out. One of those postcards need to go over to Jose.

I'm starting my birthday/Christmas list earlier this year so last year's situation doesn't happen again. I'm going to leave it at that so I won't burst into tears thinking about it.

Halloween plans are also being made earlier this year. No more waiting until the last minute. This year is going to be different and awesome.

I'm going to get Holga 120 TLR in light blue. I'm thinking that doing more medium format work is going to be a step forward for me from 35mm. I've been addicted to Holga work ever since I was exposed to a 120N at Anime Oasis.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

So it starts again...

New blog, new beginnings.

I want to make a blog with a mostly positive outlook in my life. I'm sick of looking back at other blogs I have made, and looking at mistakes I made over and over again. It rather sucks. Embarrassing memes, reblogs, and reminiscing about the past that screwed me over in the long run are just a few things that I want to cut out.

I want to write this blog in a more assertive feeling, posting things I haven't posted in other blogs.

I apologize in advance if I regress. If that happens, that will only happen in the beginning.