Monday, October 15, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Date Night

I finally got around to watching Hotel Transylvania with Ian. We didn't go yesterday with Ian pulling the tired card again, but it was legit in his case since he was awake for almost 36 hours at that point due to attending the stake conference.

We got to the Edwards 22 Theatre early (which is a miracle with how late we arrived to several movies in the past), and were able to use the unrestricted movie tickets without any problems. After getting a large popcorn bucket and two large sodas, we made our way into the viewing room we were assigned to, which happened to be The Grand Palace. After choosing seats in the upper middle section, we sat through waiting commercials provided by Regal Entertainment, we finally got to the actual movie previews. The only movies I would see out of those would be Wreck It Ralph and the nature movies. The other movies seemed like they would be a waste of time/a disappointment. The main feature started showing afterward. Overall, I liked Hotel Transylvania. It was a pretty cute movie.

What I liked about it: Cute, family friendly, could get you in the Halloween spirit, makes a good date movie, had some unexpected twists that I didn't see coming, had an all-star voice acting cast, has some cosplay worthy characters, the main animator of PPG worked on it, it used concept art in the credits, and my favorite voice actors sang.

What I didn't like about it: Some areas were predictable, and some of the auto-tuning during some of the character's songs were near headache causing levels.

If you were thinking about possibly seeing this movie, I would totally give it a shot. If you're indecisive, waiting until it's available for renting would be a safe choice.

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