Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Party Animal

(Note before I start this post: Wow! I can't believe that Halloween is tomorrow! The feeling is bittersweet since Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday and it will end shortly after. I'm thankful that Dia de Los Muertos is afterward, and that Creepmas (I'm totally participating in that countdown for sure!) is on its way so I can cherish this holiday for what it's worth. In the meantime (on Halloween), I'm going to try not being depressed over my grandma as best as I can, do a bunch of Halloween crafts, spend time with my family and friends, visit our friend, Jose, make a spooky bunch, watch a bunch of scary movies, possibly take Evelyn trick or treating (highly depending on her condition as she had a nasty ear infection and fever yesterday), and possibly go out to a party.)

...speaking of parties, here are some of my favorite pictures taken at/before/after parties from over the recent years!

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