Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Remedying Female Costumes (If Desired!)

Looking on the internet for photoshoot inspirations this time of year has made me think about one thing: the dreaded return of slutty costumes.

Seriously, what is up with that? Trick or treating in Idaho is cold enough as it is, and making kids (particularly the females) wear less is just stupid.

In my personal opinion, clever costumes trump slutty costumes any day of the week. Add in a scare factor to a clever costume, and you have officially won during Halloween. Since we're still on the topic of slutty costumes, they happen to be best saved for more private endeavors, photoshoots for that deal with pinups or boudoirs, or if you're heavily dancing the night away and have no where to change at (clubbing with too much stuff on makes me feel gross and longing to take a shower A.S.A.P.). If you're going by "Girl World" rules, more power to you, I guess? It's really not a bad thing when it's age appropriate and fits the situation.

The best inspirations for clever costumes as of late:

  • Take Back Halloween-This site is AMAZING! One of my friends showed me this site just recently, and I love it! Ironically, I dressed up as Persephone last year without seeing this site first.
  • Anything zombie related-Love it, hate, or think it's overrated, but know that it works. Unless you died naked or worked in something more skimpy, you should be fully clothed when you die. Amp up the gore factor, and it's perfect. I've seen so many creative zombie costumes that are warm and tasteful.
  • Anything ending in "punk" or "lolita" (not based on the original book, unless that's the look you're actually going for)-You would have an excuse to dress up classy, and crave tea and sweets.
  • Old Halloween photos- Google this exact phrase ("Old Halloween Photos") when you have the chance. Some of the costumes our parents and grandparents wore would eat our costumes for breakfast. They wore some pretty terrifying masks back in the day.
  • Anything masquerade-See the third point
  • Classic horror movie characters
  • Threadbanger-One of the best DIY sites ever invented, hands down.
  • Gothic poetry
  • Duct tape clothing
  • Repurposed clothing
  • Thrifting
  • JGL's plan: Only make and wear the costume the day of Halloween
  • Local costume shops

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