Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Michael's Haul

Note to my frequent readers: The Fear Series lumped post was supposed to go up today, but the scanner was having issues. I'm getting the scanner looked at tomorrow. I wanted to go the scanner route since I wanted people to be able to read my writing clearly. Also, it seems like everything is against me when I either want to post anything Fear Series or OUAT makeup collaboration related (something XSparkage inspired that I wanted to do with my friend, Joanne. She was going to do a Blue Faerie makeup look, and I was going to do an Evil Queen inspired look. It was going to be one of my posts during this countdown too, especially since one of my traditions during Spooky Seasons is to do multiple makeup looks). It kind of really sucks.


I was finally able to go to Michael's craft store since Ian wasn't tired this time around. We left 10 a.m., and arrived back home past 11 a.m. due to getting distracted by all the cool holiday stuff. I was really surprised, especially with this time of month. Usually, the shelves are wiped clean by customers drawn to amazing sales that Michael's has. I also got a little carried away, and forgot to grab some pipe cleaners as bases for folk art pieces for some of the dolls/figurines I'm making for my WePay shop. I'm not feeling too bad since I heard that there's some pipe cleaners lying around somewhere around this house. I'm betting they're going to be in the laundry room. At times like this, I'm glad that my mother-in-law is a super crafty person.

Typing that all out makes me feel a bit sad and disorganized. Damn you Michael's for being too awesome and distracting!

Haul contents (working from the center and going clockwise): Masks that will be customized for parties Ian and I will be attending, the super adorable jack o' lantern headband that was on sale that I plan on wearing the rest of this month (it'll need a little bit of Mod Podge touch ups though :/ ), the "wreath" that's super cute and will be painted (I'm debating on switching this out with the 'Scary' sign I have up on the living space door), a Mod Podge sampler kit that's going to be used on multiple things (most of the customizable stuff you see here will be sealed with it, along with stuff that's going in my WePay shop), three sets of customizable Halloween ornaments that either are going to be hung up around the living space or put on a Halloween tree I plan on making, a creepy cute skeleton that will be painted and decorated, and some glitter glue that has an opal sheen (I plan on using this on several of stuff in the haul, on some of things I'm making for my WePay shop, and on future Christmas stockings).

Do you have a favorite craft store? Is there even a craft store in your area? Are you a person that easily gets distracted while shopping, or are you completely organized and focused? Comment in the box below. Thanks! x

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