Friday, October 19, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Let's Dance

Note before I start this post: Today was a rough day. It was so difficult to focus on anything I came in contact with or was supposed to complete. I spaced on scanning the Fear Series due to my aunt's FB status that was posted earlier this morning. I swear that scanning the Fear Series is the first thing that's going to happen after I wake up in the morning, by the way. Trying to get ahold of my aunt was like pulling teeth; I ended up leaving quite a few messages with no call backs. I was left in the dark about her (her being my grandma's) condition until Sammy gave me an idea of what was happening. I found out my grandma's condition was even worse than I thought it was going to be, due to dad's call I got after Ian left for work earlier tonight. The soonish I can even visit my grandma at this point is Sunday, if the nurses will even allow that. It also doesn't help that Ian and I made a promise to Jose that we would visit him tomorrow. Major guilt trip sprees suck...


In the mood for music to get you into the Halloween spirit?

Here is the link (since Grooveshark is still working on an embedded playlist for a huge amount of songs) for the Monster Mash party playlist that was put together, and played in the living room of the party I hosted on October 7, 2012. You get a various mix of sounds that include Gothic, industrial, covers, techno, trance, metal, indie, and classic. Songs that weren't listed on here were probably brought to the party by guests through Mp3 or CD format.


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