Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Countdown to Halloween: Spooked By A Ghost

I've been seeing a bunch of spirits today. The ones I saw of note were a huge, looming shadow spirit just chilling in the back of the chapel during stake conference (one of the scariest things I have witnessed in quite a while. I literally had to stop myself from screaming during the meeting), and a spirit whose description fits Ian's grandfather (on his mom's side) to a tee (Gazo said that she has been dreaming of her long deceased husband for awhile. I think he's just watching over her and trying to tell her something. I think it's pretty sweet).

I see heavier spirit activity whenever a full or new moon is out (new moon happens tomorrow), and when the veil is thin (it's getting closer to Halloween, upping the spirit seeing count by a helluva lot, mind you).

I'm thinking about making a smudge stick from scratch, purifying the room, and adding some sigil booby traps around here for good measure.

Too many spirits in one area makes me feel uneasy, especially if they linger.

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