Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spooky Season: Dia de Los Muertos

(Note before I start this post: I thought about it overnight, and I won't be posting any more of my witch pinup pictures. The one I posted up is probably my favorite and best one that was taken. Having a Rudolph nose due to being sick is embarrassing, and I don't want the close-ups shown.)

This Dia de Los Muertos was pretty chill. I think I'm going to save the sugar skull makeup for my anniversary or whenever I'm over being sick (whatever is sooner). Again, I hate using makeup when I'm sick since I don't want any sickness germs contaminating my makeup palette. The rituals I have saved for my loved ones that have passed on and my ancestors before them are being put on hold, along with the full ritual for honoring my grandma and firing my sigils. I believe that firing sigils are more potent when I'm well, and won't be clogged up with my sick aura or energy. I have a gut feeling that the full ritual for my grandma should be done on her upcoming birthday. I think she would have really loved that. Oh, and making actual skulls were put on hold by accident since my FIL used up the last of the sugar making homemade rock candy. I plan on doing everything A.S.A.P. However, I did accomplish to say multiple prayers by the fire honoring my ancestors while Ian and a good majority of my family on his side made a family visit to one of the last temple open houses and when I wasn't coughing up my lungs. Oh, and I think I accidentally did some sympathetic magick when I tossed my used tissues into the fire running in the fireplace. I feel a lot better, oddly enough. I think by putting the tissues in the fire, I purified myself little by little, ridding myself slowly of the disease.

Before I forget, here is the progress from my traditions list for those that were wondering what I had accomplished over time. I put a heavy dent in it this year, which I'm very proud of.

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