Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

Today reminded me why I loved Thanksgiving all over again.

I love being able to hangout with my family on my side, especially if they happen to be from out of town (this time, it was really nice being able to see J.R., Uncle Doug, Aunt Gail, and Sammy).

I really needed this type of family gathering. Here's why:

  • No one got into a fight. 
  • There were plenty of delicious foods to eat (seriously, the variety was awesome!!!).
  • Gifts were exchanged (my family has the habit of giving out Christmas gifts early, mostly to save on postage and in case nasty weather prevents everyone from seeing each other later on [which happens quite a bit]). 
  • We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade together (which I haven't honestly done in years!). 
  • Plenty of spirits were served (I loved the selection of wines in general!) and drunk
  • My Uncle Doug and I discussed photography quite a bit (He's one of my biggest inspirations for getting back into film photography in general. A bunch of his digital work is so organic, and he hardly ever touches up his work digitally. So amazing! Oh, and a possible photography collaboration might be in store if he travels back up to Idaho sometime. It's pretty exciting. ^w^ )
  • More desserts galore!!!
  • Evelyn got to hangout with my side of the family for an extended period of time (it's seriously been forever since she was able to, sadly) and had a blast in general, making me have a blast in return (happiness creates more happiness, somehow)
  • The apple cider jello turned out pretty awesome, though tasted pretty tame considering the taste of the last batch (I'm thinking that I'm going to keep a lot of things plain from now on. The marshmallows balanced out the tangy taste pretty well, but I'm going to put less of them in next time, if I make another jello creation)
  • Plenty of laughter
  • Plenty of distractions from the Black Friday BS going on around here (plenty of people on Ian's side had to work today, thus why Thanksgiving dinner with them was celebrated on Monday; my mom also had to work, which didn't help matters much) and grandma's death (this dinner really helped grandpa cope, along with everyone else that was there. Uncle Doug's dinner blessing brought my grandpa to tears. Grandma gave the blessing on the food when she was alive. There was a big group hug at the end)
On an ending note, this was one of my favorite Thanksgivings of all time. I'm glad that I decided to go and was able to attend.

P.S. I'm thankful for many things including but not limited to: My family (especially Ian and Evelyn), my friends that have stuck with me through the thick and thin (especially Miqmiq, Katrina, Tyler, Tori, Nicole, Einar, and Courtney. You guys are awesome!), freedom, film photography, record players, bats, cute things, laughter, the basic necessities (food, water, clothing, shelter, etc.), being able to freelance, being able to vote, having an education, being able to travel freely, being able to hope and dream without restrictions, divination of all sorts, being able to learn different languages, yoga, crafting of all sorts, technology of all sorts, Chaos Magick, being alive (I've had plenty of close encounters with death), life experiences, and music.

P.P.S. I was going to do the Evil Queen's makeup from OUAT today, but I was once again rushed by my dad. =.= That makeup will be done, if it's the last thing I do! X.x

P.P.P.S. I wasn't able to take pictures again since my phone was being unreliable, yet again. I forgot my Holga since I was rushed. It's going in the diaper bag for sure next time! Pretty ironic, since I was talking about photography for the longest time with my Uncle Doug! >.>

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