Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oops (Pre-Thanksgiving Day Edition)...

Today is another unfortunate day in the fact that I thought that today was tomorrow (I seriously thought TVD was on tonight!!! UGH).

Thinking like that REALLY throws my schedule off. :/

I haven't had a day like this since I was still going to BSU (which way quite a while back!).

Here's what's on my agenda for tonight:

  • Finish writing up the holiday cards that deal with my relatives that I will be seeing at tomorrow's Thanksgiving family dinner so I can give the cards to them then (it saves a lot on postage!)
  • Make more apple cider jello (I think I'm just going to keep the jello in the bundt cake mold overnight and into tomorrow, since I don't want to deal with transferring it into another container (this forced me to make the jello into a jello salad >.O ). I'm also thinking I'm going to add marshmallows in it this time, balancing the sweet with tangy; the last batch was quite sour with all the added spices last time, even with a bunch of sugar added into it the night before! I had to add additional whipped cream on top. >.> The odd thing was, the jello perfectly mimicked a Granny Smith apple in taste and almost in texture! )
  • Hopefully finish up Wicked, so I can get to the books I actually borrowed from the library this time!
  • Pick out an outfit for Evelyn to wear tomorrow. I suspect that pictures will be taken, so I think that I'm going to go matching on this one
  • Making single sigils and a hypersigil (since I feel way better than I did than when I originally wanted to make them [doing anything magick related sucks when you're sick!]; I may post them up later)
  • Organizing more of the bedroom and closet (Ian decided on getting a locker to put in our closet to put his clothes in, along with the dresser next to his side of the bed. I don't know how he's going to pull that off, since our closet is not a walk in closet)
  • Thinking in advance how I'm going to decorate the living space for the holidays (I'm probably thinking along the lines of Lurlinemas this year, especially after reading more of Wicked)
  • Making a list of what I plan on making/buying everyone for the holidays
  • Planning out more of my birthday and holiday parties
  • Planning out more Creepmas posts

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