Sunday, November 18, 2012

Productivity Roll

I'm so proud of myself. I'm getting a lot done tonight that has been on my latest to-do list.

So far, I've already made the jello mounds for my folk's dinner and Ian's folks dinner. Both are taking place tomorrow night. I forgot to take picture of this batch since I was rushed by my FIL. He needed to use the kitchen for tonight's dinner and Thanksgiving dinner prep.

I've got about an hour to kill before I have to flip the mounds onto plates. After I transfer them on the serving dishes, I plan to decorate them with various spices, powdered sugar, and homemade whipped cream. I'm highly expecting these jellos to be demolished instantly, as usual (I'm the family specialist when it comes to steaks and desserts in general).

Other things on the agenda for tonight (since OUAT is out of the question due to some music awards ceremony that's going on):

  • Getting a head start on writing holiday cards (I'm so bad about writing these and thank you cards! It's so embarrassing! X.x Does this ever happen to you?)
  • Sorting out the clothes I plan on donating/selling within the next couple of days
  • Cleaning more of the closet as best as I can with it still being a hazard zone
  • Possibly picking up J.R. so that Ian and him can play the Halo 4 campaign together (it all comes down to him actually being in town or not. The weather where he was supposed to start from put delays in traveling plans. I just hope he makes it down before dinner tomorrow!)

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