Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spooky Season: Anniversary Sweetness and A Farewell

(Note before I start this post: Well, today is the last day of what I consider the Spooky Season. Any leftover shots from this season will be spread out when photos develop or when certain crafts are done. Other creepy stuff might still be in the mix the rest of this month, but sparingly. Anywho, I've considered this Spooky Season to pan out for the most part. I have gotten a bunch done this year, despite being sick several times. Next up, Creepmas [December 1-13]..)

Today was a pretty nice day, especially for our second wedding anniversary. The weather was fair, despite being chilly, and we were able to do stuff together.

Ian came back home after work this morning, and woke me up with a kiss. Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit Jose like we wanted to, since my MIL had to work tonight with three truckloads of freight. I wasn't going to be a jerk, so I told Ian to tell mom that she should rest, and that she wouldn't have to bother watching Evelyn.

Ian and I stayed up for a good portion of the morning. We talked a bunch while he played Halo 4, gaining more of the story achievements. I told him that his gift was still in the works. It's either going to be a 3-D painting of the Arbiter or of a Promethean screaming. After awhile, he suddenly told me he was going out and that he would be back in a bit. Steph came over in the meantime, and we watch Ratatouille while we waited for him to come back.

He made me twirl around six times-Three counterclockwise, then clockwise, made me close my eyes, and then handed me this:

I've seriously been wanting to watch all of this for quite some time in one run, so receiving this made my day.

Ian announced that he had a bunch of Pizza Hut pizza and other goodness upstairs for brunch, so we then made a beeline towards that. Afterward, we headed back downstairs to watch Hausu. I have to say it's quite excellent. If you haven't watched it before and enjoy cheesy 70's goodness, this movie is for you.

Fast forward to tonight. After Ian and I took naps, we went on a DQ run. Being the bad influence, I told Ian that I would rather have dessert for dinner over having one big meal, since we did have a bunch of leftover pizza due to brunch. He heartily agreed. Ian and I ended up getting pumpkin pie Blizzards while they were still in season. We then decided to hit up the closest Fred Meyer directly after to see if Halo 4 edition Game Fuel was around (it wasn't!), and I happened to stumbled across these:

OH HELL YES!!! This type of candy is one of my all-around favorites of all-time! I hardly saw these during Halloween! that was my second anniversary in a nutshell.

Oh, I didn't make myself all pretty today, like I wanted to, but I did make myself pretty during an early anniversary dinner on Monday. We went to Tucanos. Yummy, but expensive, Brazilian food goodness.

Take #1:

Take #2:

P.S. Here's a letter I wrote to Ian on FB for the day:

To my loving husband,

It feels so surreal knowing that another year has passed since we have been married together. We have had our moments where times were fun. We also have had other times that have tested our bond, but we have worked things out (making everything wonderful in the end). We have definitely been through the thick and thin, especially with my grandma passing away last month. We ha
ve raised our daughter past a year now together. You have made an excellent father, by the way. I can't believe that she is going to be two when May rolls around next year. Time sure does fly!

It is always great making memories with you. Let's make more, okay? ^.^

I love you so much, Ian. You rock my world. ♥

Happy second anniversary!


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