Thursday, November 29, 2012

Twisted Cowl Project

Most of the time, my best ideas tend to strike during the wee hours of the morning.

I know I said that I was going to create a circle scarf the other night, but had no idea if I would actually get to it with so much stuff I had to do.

After a depressing talk with Ian during his break, I decided to cheer myself up by immediately taking a break, pushing most of my plans aside. I started creating a random circle scarf and read a little bit more of the Chinese birthday book I picked up from the library while drinking some green tea. 

I decided to create this scarf in a neutral color, since last year I learned that the dark gray cowl I gave my grandma (my mom received a scarf in dusty blue) practically goes with everything (the dusty blue one didn't go with a bunch of stuff, which surprised me since I had jeans in that color!). I wore both of the circle scarfs before I gave them away as presents to my mom and grandma (shameful, I know!), to test them out. Where ever I went, I got so many compliments on those scarves. They were hits, especially at the holiday parties I attended.

The scarf this time is a light gray. I'm using up more of the Red Heart yarn I had bought awhile back. I twisted some stitches on purpose to give the scarf a more unique look. I plan on making this scarf twenty rows long, and from a 181 stitch foundation (I gave it one more stitch to make it more even). After I'm done, I plan on sewing beads and sequins into the yarn. When folded around, I can either make it into a necklace, wear it barely layered, or wearing it over my head in a hoodlike fashion.

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