Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spooky Season: Crafting Catch Up Time

(Due to being sick or taking care of sick loved ones, a bunch of the crafts I wanted to work on were put on hold. This skeleton was one of those projects. Around this time of year, I either work on Halloween crafts to use for next year, Dia de Los Muertos crafts that are appropriate for this time, or work on gifts for people for the upcoming holidays, anyway, so it works! :P ) 

I think it's time to put this skeleton to good use. It looks cute plain, but as you can see, it easily blends into the wall. I'm thinking about giving this skeleton either a Dia de Los Muertos or sparkly face-up. Just something festive, you know? The thought of also putting protection sigils on it also comes to mind. For some reason, this skeleton makes me feel safer when it's in the living space. It seems to be driving away some of the spirits that have been showing up that I haven't been fond of.

Using the sparkly Mod Podge that came in the sampler pack and watching more Tales of the Crypt sound highly tempting to do while working on this face-up. Perhaps they will provide more inspiration...

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