Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detox Thoughts

I've been thinking that more green drinks and longer yoga sessions via Skype are in order, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner. I don't want to be feeling sick then due to bloating with family in town and plenty of foods to nom on.

It feels like ever since Ian picked up some Mountain Dew Halo 4 Game Fuels that I've been consuming way too much soda.

After the root beer is all gone in the fridge, I'm going back to just drinking teas, milk, juices, and water... with maybe a little coffee and specialty drinks on the side every once in a while.

Also, with more yoga and green drinks in my diet, I'll hopefully prevent the "itis" (I really don't want to fall asleep this year way early due to consuming way too much food and miss out on any fun activities) with the three Thanksgiving celebrations coming up. My folks are having their dinner on Monday. My in-laws are having their dinner on Monday too, except later on in the night. Last, but not least, my other relatives on my dad's side are having dinner on Thanksgiving day around noonish at my Aunt Denise's house.

P.S. Oh, and for the Thanksgiving celebrations, I plan on making homemade apple cider jello from scratch. It's so exciting! :D I think pictures will be involved in the processes, since the first two batches will be made tomorrow (so they form in time).

P.P.S. Since I've been watching the Grindhouse Double Feature on Spike tonight, I had to post this, since I'm on the topic of Thanksgiving. The presentation of this fake movie commercial just kills me. XD

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