Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Game Plan of the Night (11/28/2012 edition)

  • Finish writing up all of the holiday cards I have planned to do
  • Try to finish up the rest of the Chinese birthday book that's due back to the library on the first of December
  • Plan to head over to Idaho Camera tomorrow to pick up the rest of the negatives, hopefully (it's like they haven't seen expired film before :/ )
  • Do a long session of yoga (sadly, no collaboration with my friend tonight since she's sick D: ); I will probably do combined sessions of Namaste Yoga
  • Work on scanning in the black and white negatives I've received the other day onto my Macbook, and arrange/make multiples of the pictures I think are best for my clients (they said to surprise them, so I will!)
  • Continue to plan out the Cozy Sweater Holiday Party (Adventure Time inspired) (birthday plans are put on hold at the moment; I don't think I'm going to have a birthday party this year since I've been disappointed year after year now)
  • More cleaning (specifically the bedroom tonight) and organizing
  • Crochet another circle scarf for myself (still debating on what design I plan on making. A ripoff Infinity or rippled effect design sounds promising...)
  • Finding twinkle lights to put around the Yule/Christmas tree base (the tree I got from Michael's is so tiny that it can only hold small ornaments and bows)
  • Decorating the rest of the living space for this holiday season (so I will have a complete peace of mind when the first week of December rolls around)
  • Work on (and hopefully finish!) Katrina's graduation announcements
  • Figure out how I'm going to pick up the expired film negatives tomorrow (since my transportation options are heavily limited this week) >.>

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