Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spooky Season: Happy Birthday, Bram Stoker

It's crazy to think that if Bram Stoker was alive today, he would be 165.

If you have been living underneath a rock, you wouldn't know until reading this that Bram Stoker was the creator of Dracula. He helped to bring vampires to life.

I love vampires and what they are supposed to represent. They are death incarnate in multiple demonic forms that inspire romance, immorality, and mystery.

Here are some cool ways you can celebrate his birthday today:
  1. Read Dracula, his most famous work, in its full extent on Project Gutenberg. If you're not a fan of vampiric stories, he did write other books, which are also found in the search.
  2. Donate to charities promoting how cool bats are like Bat Conservation International and Bat World Sanctuary.
  3. Listen to a tasteful Gothic playlist. 
  4. Vamp up your look in a Noir fashion, like this: 

(I plan on using this look for my wedding anniversary that's coming up! Shh! Don't tell Ian! ;D There will be pictures, of course, when that happens...)

Carpe Noctem! Take care, everybody! ^.^

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