Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spooky Season: Early Warning Signs Include Terrible Twos and Nausea...

Today was quite a lesson in the adventures of parenting. It was so crazy, in fact, that I actually driven to discussing not having any more kids with Ian. He half-heartily agreed with me after witnessing how pissed Evelyn was. With temper tantrums like these, it's amazing how other couples can have multiple kids.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm afraid of her turning two, especially with stories from other parents I know.

Here's how everything went down:

Get five hours of sleep--->Get myself ready to accompany Evelyn to St. Alphonsus--->Get Evelyn ready for her doctor's appointment--->Wake Ian up to take us to St. Alphonsus--->Check Evelyn in--->Evelyn gets examined by the nurse, and won't stop moving around to the point that she can't weigh in correctly--->Finally meet up with Dr. Townsend--->Dr. Townsend can't properly weigh Evelyn either, and declares Evelyn too squirmy--->Evelyn is constantly running into things during the appointment--->Evelyn is just being a butt during the rest of the appointment, just constantly wiggling, running around, and screaming--->Dr. Townsend examines Evelyn as fast as possible, and writes up a prescription to Norco (a medical supply company) for Pediasure (I had no idea that insurance actually covered that!)--->Evelyn gets a flu shot and won't stop crying--->The nurse feels bad, and directs Evelyn over to the toys, which she makes a huge mess of--->Evelyn finally picks out a shark squeaky toy--->Evelyn gets checked out, and her next appointment is set for January for a growth check (since she was underweight last time)--->Ian randomly is on a "Let's go search for a West of Philly's kick (we later find out that it went out of business, again)--->Ian takes me over to the library to pick up my reserved library book--->The reserved library book didn't desensitize, so I was held up for a good ten minutes trying to prove I didn't steal a book or something--->We drive back to the house--->BABY HELL (due to the reaction to the flu shot)--->Evelyn sleeps (due to tiring herself out due to raising hell) until past midnight, then wakes up, strangely compliant and super happy.

WTF. =.=

Kids are scary...

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