Monday, November 26, 2012

Vinyl Goodness

Today was a pretty awesome day. It started off on an uneasy note, but it gradually turned out pretty fun and carefree. So much stuff got done, and I got to hangout with Ian a good portion of the day without him falling asleep... wait, I take that back. He did fall asleep, but I was in his arms. :P

After he went out to early in the morning to run errands, he picked me up, and took me to the bank to get the check I received cashed.

Next, we headed over to the Target on Milwaukee to get part of my Shopkicks spree done. (After today, if I go in at least one more time, I get a free giftcard. SCORE!)

We roamed around that first Target for a bit. I scanned some items for Shopkicks. I found two of the three items of the day. We picked up a limited edition holiday apple cider scented Chapstick three-pack and various flavors of Hershey's kisses. Chocolate mint truffle is the best! >w<

We made a beeline toward the other Target, near Eagle, to further continue the Shopkicks giftcard spree. No walk in credit, sadly, but that's alright.

What I found later on from there made my day...

I was looking for castor oil (which I totally forgot about due to getting sidetracked >.> ) at first, since I couldn't scan anything else. I wanted to try the oil cleansing treatment I had heard about, due to my acne still being out of control (sorry if that's TMI!). I look over to see if the photo area is open, and it's not. I randomly go looking for film for Ian's Holga (that I have seriously gotten attached to!).

Good things tend to happen when I search for film.

I came across this:

I had seriously been wishing for one of these for quite awhile. Portable record players are a super rare find in this area. Most of the ones I have come across are supposed to be stationary. I hadn't even checked out the ads on this so I was totally surprised (not sure if they were Black Friday or regular ads, but my FIL spazzed when I showed him this!). It was the last red one in the store, and on sale too! SCORE!!! I cried happy tears in store. I deem this record player as an early Yule present to myself. <3

After I paid for the record player, Ian treated me to some KFC for my late brunch (3 p.m. I was so hungry! T.T), and we drove home.

We proceeded to chill out with each other while Ian played more Happy Wars, a free game on XBox Live arcade. It's pretty cute.

Nearly 6 p.m. ish, we headed out to get some of my client's pictures developed. We first headed over to Walgreens, since that was a sensible option. Lesson learned: Don't go to Walgreens if you have expired or black and white films. It's a total waste of time!

Idaho Camera was the best option overall. I wish we went there first. >.>

After getting everything all set up, I received receipt tickets. All the developments should be done by tomorrow around 4 p.m. What's left to do is to scan them immediately after I get home, print them out, quote my client, and collect payments. ^.^

We roamed around the Boise Towne Square Mall for bit after. We looked through different stores for gift ideas. It's always awesome seeing Ian's face light up after finding something he really likes/loves. We didn't purchase anything, but it window shopping is free fun.

Panda Express was in store for dinner. Our orders were to-go. I picked out an order of chow mein and double dose of orange chicken. Ian picked out fried rice, orange chicken, and Kung Pow chicken. The batch  of orange chicken for tonight was way too spicy. We watched Family Guy while we ate. I was thankful for old episodes. The latest episodes are tasteless, IMHO.

After changing out of my day clothes, Ian and I took a power nap together. We just barely woke up.

I tested out my record player for the first time ever soon after. Not going to lie-mP3 < vinyl. I really missed this. The last time I had heard anything on vinyl was over at Amber's house. Good times. :3

Here's a picture of my first test run of my portable record player:

Ian, Evelyn, and I listened to the first Bioshock official score together. So perfect. <3

P.S. *Wishlist alert!!!* If anyone wants to know, I'm been wanting the Lana Del Rey vinyl featuring the song "Born To Die." I was going to post it up on my Wishpot Holiday 2012 wishlist, but keep forgotting to. I probably should after this...

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