Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spooky Season: Family Gathering

Today/tonight was a pretty good in general.

Even though I got a couple of hours of sleep this morning, I felt more awake that I had been for awhile (I think it was the Cold-Eeze and Gypsy Cold Care working their magic), so I stayed up before Ian went to church, since he got out of work earlier than I thought he would. In that sense, I'm thankful for Daylight Savings Time finally ending. I stayed home since I was still coughing up gunk and Evelyn had multiple things going on, sickness wise. After Ian left for church with Connor, I fell back to sleep for about an hour before waking up to having an online discussion for Go Team Lolita, an EGL group that helps out Anime Oasis. I discussed my thoughts with Jeanine, the head of our group, while we waited for others to show up and chat with us. With lunch drawing near, I called it quits when Ian told me he was hungry, and we went off in search of food. Brett and Eli had made a bunch of pizza rolls, so we munched on those. Evelyn became fussy, so I retrieved her, and brought her upstairs to roam around. Nothing seemed to please her and continued to piss her off even further, so I thought of a last resort-jumping on the trampoline outside. I think we both needed the fresh air, and she was all giggles. Running around outside also helped to calm out her down pretty well, and allow her to sleep for quite a bit. Ian was super tired after consuming food and drink, so he made a beeline for the bedroom after what seemed like forever (he randomly sat in front of his old tv upstairs, droning out to some of the cartoons showing on Cartoon Network beforehand). After tiring myself out with some more Witch Wars (that game is seriously addicting; I highly recommend getting it if you have Google Play), I slept a little bit more. Sleep when you're sick never hurted a soul. Feeling even more rested, I woke up a couple of hours later to get ready for the dinner my MIL made since Kyle and the girls were coming over. Checking to see what the lucky color was for the day, I decided that I would backtrack into the room and change out what I was going to wear after I took a shower. I decided on my favorite silver (the lucky color of the day) velvet cami paired with the only pair of jeans that actually still fit me. After getting my jewelry on, Sarah and I changed out Evelyn's clothes before we brought her upstairs. She ended up wearing a pink leopard print dress. Ian and Evelyn were both out of it still, so waking them up took around ten minutes each. After making our way upstairs, Evelyn still wanted sleep, so I placed her in the playpen while I ate with everyone else. Mom and dad worked on a spread of crock pot lasagna, broccoli bits, and homemade French bread with garlic sauce. After dinner, Ian and Kyle went to go retrieve Ruckus and Apples To Apples to play with the rest of the family. During the middle of the game, Eliza brought out the dessert she made, which happened to be a fruit cobbler. After the game ended on a sour note (Connor was being inappropriate causing Ian to back out, making dad the victor with ten cards [we were playing an endless mode that we had created] ), Kyle and the girls called it quits, and headed home.

So yeah...

P.S. I keep seeing Grandma lately. I haven't told Ian about this yet. I have an odd feeling that she's welcoming us to see her at her grave.

P.P.S. For the people that were wondering, the picture of the finished skeleton will be posted up after the other layers fully dry. Until then, it's a surprise!

P.P.P.S. Here's a pretty epic feminist explanation of my favorite "Final Girl" characters in the horror movie genre. No wonder I love Ginger and Dawn so much. They're so cool!

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