Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: You need to watch this-Trick 'r Treat

Here is another little goody, Trick 'r Treat.


It happened to be the first summer out of high school before I was to head off to BSU. My group was all bored, and had nothing to do. We were hanging out over at Kurama's house out in Caldwell.

"Anybody up for a horror movie?" "Sure!"

I don't remember exactly what movie we ended up watching, as that day was super blurry for me due to staying up the night before (I blame Rock Band and tons of Mountain Dew), but I do remember seeing the preview for Trick 'r Treat.

"Whoa! I want to see that!" (that was the general consensus in the room)

I was mostly worried for Anna Pacquin's character, whom they brilliantly made out to be a victim in the trailer.
Due to the falling out with my old group later on, I wasn't able to see this movie with them... wasn't until Ian had Netflix (when it wasn't being lame and getting rid of shows for the hell of it) streaming in our living space that I was finally able to see this little gem. It was nearly Halloween, and I was just looking through the options shown. BINGO.

The first time I watched it, I didn't know what to expect. I ended up loving this movie quite a bit, to the point that I watched it three times that morning alone.


Trick 'r Treat is a movie that is comprised of five major stories taking place around the same time on Halloween night. These stories interweave with each other, mostly with the characters involved. This horror anthology was inspired by a short film called Season's Greetings, which was also made by Michael Dougherty.

The main character of this series of events is Sam. This tiny character wears an orange jumpsuit and burlap sack over his head. The burlap sack is embroidered to the effect to look like a cross between a scarecrow's and jack o' lantern's face. He appears when people break rules on Halloween.

The opening of the movie is supposed to throw you off. You don't know it at the time, but it basically gives away what will happen in the whole movie.

The first story deals with a woman named Emma who hates Halloween altogether. She is married to a Halloween loving husband named Henry.
The second story deals with a principal named Mr. Wilkins and his son, Billy. They share a dark Halloween tradition together.
The third story deals with five kids. Their names are Macy, Schrader, Sara, Chip, and Rhonda. Rhonda is a this poor kid who is constantly picked on. Macy particularly doesn't like her. In this story, Macy decides to tell this group about a school bus massacre that took place down the hill.
The fourth story deals with a virgin named Laurie who is getting ready for a Halloween party with her sister, Danielle, and their two friends, Janet and Maria. Being the black sheep of the group, she decides to meet up at the party later on in the night.
The final story deals with another Halloween hater named Kregg. The only thing he loves is his dog. He also has a dark secret.

The conclusion is basically the opening with a lot more detail. If I gave away any more, it would spoil everything for you.


I can watch this movie again and again without getting sick of it. It's quite refreshing to watch a movie that revamps Halloween tales in a tasteful manner. It seems to capture the spirit of Halloween itself.

After waiting a couple of more years (and a few wishlist requests later), Ian finally bought me a Blu-Ray copy of Trick 'r Treat recently when it was on sale. I plan on watching it tonight and at the Halloween party I'm throwing (which was moved to the 18th). ^w^

They say a sequel is in the works. I can't wait to watch it when it's finally released!

Have you heard of Trick 'r Treat? Would you give this movie a chance? Have you read the comic books or watched the shorts inspired by this? Comment below!

Oh, and here's what inspired this movie in the first place. Enjoy! ^w^


  1. I havent seen this movie yet but im planning to! Its definitely on my to-do list this year :)

    1. That's great! I hope you do enjoy it when you finally watch it! ^w^

  2. I LOVE Trick 'r Treat! I remember the year I was trying to get my hands on a copy and couldn't find it anywhere. We were in Florida and drove around and around. Ended up not getting it until after Halloween, but not it has become a Halloween staple for me. Awesome movie, wish the guy would make more!

    1. I remember that Trick 'r Treat was impossible to find over here too. D: It was in stock over at Hastings for like two weeks, then disappeared altogether for years. It wasn't until Walmart (last resort) had it in stock in Blu-Ray with their recent sales that my husband and I were able to find it.

      A sequel is sometime due in the future, so we'll see! ^w^