Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: The Black Halloween

Here's another short but sweet posting.

Getting more things prepped for the Halloween party coming up. Ian's OCD about getting everything cleaned to perfection, even more so than usual with the baby on the way. Decorating is a bit on the slow side this year (on our end), but I think we'll manage before the party happens. My FIL just barely put some of the decorations out. He said that he would have decorated on Misgivings Day, but the weather was too cold then and super rainy to boot. I think he was also trying not to offend Gazo (who hates Halloween).

Still trying to find a #4 sized needle to use for some of the heavy duty sewing projects since my sewing machine is still out of commission. I hope Cabella's has it...

Take care everyone. ^w^

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