Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Goth Chick Appreciation Day

Ironically, I used to do competitive cheerleading when I was younger, along with gymnastics. My folks were obsessed with keeping me fit and out of bad activities.

If you sacrifice all the cheerleaders, you won't know if they will become Goths later on. I've always been Goth at heart since I was little.

...or maybe they're closet Goths. The best example I can give are the kids in Japan that only dress up/do Gothic activities on weekends due to their school dress codes and rules. 

You just never know.

This holiday is pretty clever. I think it captures the spirit of Spooky Season.

Awesome gift ideas for all the Goth girls out there: Oujia boards, tarot cards, decorative skulls (plentiful this time of year! ^w^ ), gingerbread haunted houses, their favorite brand of makeup, or whatever else they like!

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