Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Simple, but effective DIY ideas

Sometimes, you're really short on cash or need an idea for last minute costume for a party or for trick or treating with little ones.
That's where simplicity comes in.

Over the years, I have admired Martha Stewart. She has taken super simple ideas and made them elegant over the years.

Take these horns for instance (as demonstrated above). They are made with air dried clay. Perfect for demon or creature related costumes. You can even go wild and make them bigger and curled downward. Hello, awesome Minotaur costume?

How about these masks? This simple template can be used to make all sorts of masks. Out of the ones shown, I'm really digging the bird and flower petal masks the most. The dark bird mask (featured above) can easily be converted to go with a masquerade outfit or even complete a plague doctor costume.

Take one or both of these ideas, and be super creative with them. You'll have no worries about pulling a costume faux pas (unless that's what you're going for).

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