Friday, October 11, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Blythe Scary Boo! Again

If you know me, you know I love Blythe dolls.

I have never had the fortune of owning one, and I hope that changes this year around my anniversary, birthday, or Christmas. *hint hint*

I love how these dolls are creepily cute. They are one of many types of dolls that have inspired horror stories, movies, and shows over the years.

They have little pull strings on the back of their bodies that allow you to change the colors of their eyes. Custom Blythe dolls are even cooler. They are like Talky Tina, but less freakier, in my honest opinion.

Junie Moon, one of the official retailers of Blythe dolls, has put out yet another amazing set of Blythe Halloween outfits for 2013.

Here is information on each set featured:
and last but not least "Ghost"

My favorite Scary Boo! Again set is either Bats or Pumpkin.

Have you ever heard of Blythe dolls? If so, do you own one? Which set featured above is your favorite? Comment below! ^w^

Note to the readers: These doll clothes are sized for Neo sized Blythes. These are only clothing sets, and don't come with the doll they are paired with in the pictures.

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