Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: You need to watch this-Ginger Snaps

Time to talk to you all about one of my all-time favorite indie horror movies, Ginger Snaps.

I blame Kelly for exposing me to this movie. Thank you.


It was 2009. I remember when this was the time when Ian and I were still pretty much hush-hush about our relationship, since we didn't want to cause drama in the group we were in at the time. I was planning another Halloween party. The theme was a slumber party. I had told everyone to bring their sleeping bag, some candy, and their favorite scary or Halloween horror movies. Little did I know, this would be the last Halloween party I was throwing over at my parents house, as I was to be married to Ian the next year.

I remember when everyone was on good terms with one another. It seems surreal to even think about that time now. It will be forever engraved into my mind.

I remember nearly everyone but two people had to leave the party and couldn't spend the night due to familial obligations or work. One of the people that had to leave was Kelly.

Kelly had brought over Ginger Snaps, along with several other amazing indie horror movie goodnesses.

"Can I borrow this until I see you at your Halloween party next week?" "Sure."

I will never regret that decision EVER.

I couldn't stop watching once I started. I felt like I could relate to the main characters personally for multiple reasons. I would have totally been friends with them in school if they were real. To be infected by them would be an honor. SISTERS FOREVER


Ginger Snaps is a Canadian horror film that has a cult following for being so awesome. It deals with werewolves in a fashion that I didn't expect, but loved. The two main characters of the movie are Ginger and Brigitte. These two are blood related sisters who happen to both be late bloomers and goths at heart. They are so hardcore that they make a blood pact to die together at the same time.

One night, they decide to kidnap a dog after hearing about dogs getting attacked in their neighborhood. They go searching for the source of the attacks. Bad idea. Ginger gets bit by the creature they were looking for. Brigitte freaks, and begs Ginger to get some help. Ginger tells Brigitte that she's fine, and that there's nothing to worry about. The wound is already healing as they speak.

After the bite, Ginger starts changing both physically and mentally. She grows fur, a tail, and finally gets her period. Brigitte knows something isn't right when Ginger becomes hyper sexual and won't listen to her.

Brigitte decides to get help, and it all goes downhill from there.

I'm stopping here since basically going past this point will spoil the movie for you. Seriously go find this movie and watch it! You won't be disappointed.


I love how this movie correlates werewolves with moon cycles, females, and the menstrual cycle. These topics blend so perfectly that it just works. The creator of this movie just seems to understand women at the core. I love how the ending to this movie was bittersweet but justified (which is super difficult to pull off, movie wise). I love the actresses picked for Ginger and Brigitte. The acting was spot on and non-cheesy (even though Kelly told me that it was).

Have you ever seen or heard about Ginger Snaps? Would you give this movie a chance? Comment below!

Bonus: I love listening to this playlist when I'm sad. It always cheers me up. ^w^


  1. Nope, have never seen this film, but I want to now!

  2. Can't say I have seen or heard of this film. Looks interesting.