Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Well...I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway...

It's late at night. You're either bored, stuck at a Halloween party with nothing to do, or are an insomniac. Brownie points for you if you fall into the category of all of the above.

Here are some suggestions for late night festivities that are sure to creep you out no matter if you are alone or in good company:

1. Roam around a cemetery at night either spirit hunting or just taking pictures (best done with an analogue camera!)
2. Use an oujia board to contact the dead (Here is the safest way to do so. That exorcism incense recipe mentioned is extremely useful)
3. Read Creepypasta stories
5. Read stories posted in the /r/No Sleep Reddit thread
6. Play some of the creepiest music you can think of while listening in pure darkness
7. Watch a scary movie that creeps you out to this very day
8. Take a walk down the creepiest street that comes to mind
9. Explore an abandoned area
10. Consume an exotic food or drink (bugs are eaten all around the world. Maybe it's time to try some?)
11. Scream for the hell of it
12. Look up creepy topics online (like crematoriums, cannibals, etc.)
13. Sit by something that makes your skin crawl

What do you think of this list? Have anymore suggestions? Comment below! ^w^


  1. I think I might do a walk by the old abandoned factory in town today. Always good for a creepy feeling!

    1. Sounds like a plan! If you have pictures of that abandoned factory, you should post them. ^w^