Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Board to death

Tabletop activities are close to my heart. They remind me of the good times I have with both friends and family. These games are perfect for playing during a Halloween party or whenever else.

Here are some of my favorites:

Arkham Horror
I got into this game when our friend, Aaron, introduced it to us. This is a game where you play as an investigator with special types of abilities to hunt down ancient creatures, which include Cthulhu. If you're an H.P. Lovecraft fan (like I am!), you especially don't want to miss out! Word of warning though: Make sure you have a long enough time to play this game, as it takes forever.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre
This game is close to my heart. Ian got me this game as an early anniversary gift the night after we played this with our regular roleplaying group. We played it the next day with his siblings, and got them hooked. This game is SUPER addictive! You play as a wizard (male or female depending on your place card). Your objective: Kill all the other players around you by laying out devastating card attacks, and become The Last Wizard Standing. If you die during the round, you come back even stronger. This game puts Munchkin to shame, in my honest opinion.

Zombie Dice
I fell in love with this game after I watched Wil Wheaton and his friends first play it on Tabletop. You are given a certain amount of dice. You want to get thirteen brains in order to win the game. There are Runners (people obviously trying to not have their flesh eaten upon by you), which cause you to have to roll the dice again to see your fate. Shotgun blasts draw you closer to your doom. This game is very fast paced, so you can play this game in under an thirty minutes or so.

When dad bought this game at the Mt. Home Air Force Base BX/PX years ago, the rest of my family and I were intrigued and wanted to play, even my grandma! I remember kicking ass as Miss Scarlet. I still love this game many years later, and plan on buying another copy after this latest little girl is born. This is a classic whodunit type game. You play as one of six major characters. You try to guess who the killer is, what the killer used to kill the victim with, and where the murder took place. The biggest kicker is that the killer could be YOU!

Vampire the Masquerade
This game has brought a bunch of joy into my life. I remember first playing this game at a ball I was invited to. Obviously, I was LARPing at the time. The tabletop version is its own can of worms, and should be respected as such. I love this game so much, that Ian surprised me with a hardbound copy of the 20th edition as an anniversary gift. You play as a Childe of the night in one of the many Clans out there. Each clan brings a different personality into the mix. This game is mostly storytelling based, so be prepared to properly roleplay things out.

Hope you check out these games, as they rule! Take care! ^w^

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