Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Back to the present

Hey everyone! I finally have freed up time to type out current stuff.

First things first, costume ideas keep changing up around here. It hasn't been very pleasant. Ian is in the mode when he just wants to give up because rules at his work take away from any fun ideas due to past workers getting out of hand. We're tighter due to bills than we have been, due to a big portion of money out of pocket being spent on the baby since Aetna won't get their stuff together still, so that's also been taken into account. It just sucks. When you finally see me dressed up, prepared to be surprised.

Second, I've had a lot of people ask me what ever happened to the #4 Speedy Stitcher needles that I wanted. Well, Ian and I checked out the local Cabella's, but they didn't know when the needle set would be back in stock. I ordered two #4 needles from the Sailrite website while their sales were going on. They should be here, via UPS, this Thursday.

I have had people ask me why they saw some current posts earlier in the Countdown. Those were only the bonuses I typed up when I had free time early in the morning. The other stuff was prepped, and edited if need be.

People have asked me if my FIL finally added more to Halloween decorations. That answer is yes, and you will see results very soon. Oh, and we're still behind on decorating due to stuff still needing to be donated around here that's taking up space. Pictures of the living space will be posted once our place is in shape and decorated.

A late decision just made the other day was to let Evey spend the night at my folks' house on Halloween. This is the first time I have made a decision like this, so it's kind of overwhelming, but I think it will work for the best. With everyone around here busy that night, it's the best option to date. I figured that this way she could trick or treat even more, and I would get to enjoy my friend's party thoroughly Halloween night. She would be back during the morning of The Day of the Dead. I would spend the good majority of the day of Halloween with her, so cute pictures will be taken.

To end this post, here is a really cool tutorial I watched the other day that I thought that you would like. If you happen to make these wings, you should post the results in the comments below! Take care! ^w^

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