Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: October Wishlist

Hey everyone! Welcome to my version of Countdown to Halloween! If you're an old friend, welcome back! If you're new, then welcome to my lair!

I always try to start off October with what I'd like to see/do/make/experience during the month. Here's my wishlist in a jumbled order:
  • Have a Halloween party with some of my closest friends
  • Marathon scary movies/tv shows/online videos
  • Make delicious treats, especially if they deal with pumpkins or apples
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Complete the costumes I have planned for Ian and Evelyn
  • Pick up some cute Halloween themed clothes for Evelyn and myself
  • Consume classic Halloween cereals that they have put on the shelves at Target
  • Ditto the comment above (except with the revived Jone's holiday Sodas)
  • Make some creepy collages
  • Raise money for Trick or Treat For UNICEF
  • Read a bunch of creepy books
  • Lose sleep over more CreepyPasta stories
  • Make a gothic cape from scratch
  • Purchase something Toxictoons related (if someone got me the limited edition Halloween Ouija board, I would love them forever!)
  • Steal peoples' souls with analogue cameras
  • Play creepy video games that I have been wanting to play for quite some time now
  • Read more Junji Ito mangas (Uzumaki is my favorite horror manga series of all time)
  • Play with and feed the stray black cat kittens that live just down the road =^.^=
  • Send a Halloween care package to my brother, J.R.
  • Make awesome Halloween crafts
  • Decorate the living space to its fullest extent
  • Celebrate the day Ian and I first declared that we were a couple (October 12th)  Completed 10/10/2013 (We celebrated early since Ian didn't know if he was going with ward to Stake Temple Day)
That's my wishlist in a nutshell. What's your wishlist for this month? Comment below! ^w^

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