Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: American Horror Story: Coven

"Wear something... black."
(I adore Emma Roberts' entire outfit in this scene! ^w^ )

If you haven't been keeping up on American Horror Story, you're really missing out.
(The first two seasons are up on Netflix if you want to catch up!)

I think this latest anthology is probably my favorite to date. I love how developed the female characters are on this show in general. They all seem real in their own ways.

My favorite witches of the season so far have to be Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

I really love Madison's power. Telekinesis would be sweet to have for many reasons. I love how she seems unapologetic for who she is. She also wears some of the prettiest outfits on this show (as demonstrated above). *SPOILER!* Episode three was a doozy, with her gaining powers rapidly and such. I hope Misty brings her back before it's too late because the whole scene with Fiona was uncalled for. *SPOILER!*

Ah, the Necromancer. Resurgence is just another amazing ability to have. Her style reminds me of a Mori Girl. I love how she basically is a hippie that just cares about everything, and that shines through in her power. *SPOILER!* With the way she came back in the second episode, I'm curious to find out if her power makes her truly immortal or not. I also hope with Kyle brought back that there's no awkward love triangle between him, Misty, and Zoe. *SPOILER!*

Here are the promos used for this season:

What are your thoughts on American Horror Story: Coven? Yay? Nay? Comment below! ^w^

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