Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Monster Madness Marathon watch list

Keeping this short and sweet since I'm pretty exhausted. My glucose levels have been super funny this last week.

Yesterday, I hosted another Halloween party. This get together was pretty chill and only involved close friends this time around.

Pictures to come after I get permission to use them (Denise, Shump, if you're reading this post, I need help!). The camera I wanted to use went bust before the party, so I didn't get pictures of my own. =.=

Anywho, these were movies we either watched, wanted to watch for awhile, or were hard copy suggestions we provided:

+Beetlejuice (we watched this since Denise brought it over. Since it was on Blu-Ray, there were tons of features to look through, which included three selections from the cartoon series! ^w^ )

+Gamera (another movie Denise brought over)

+Hocus Pocus (Katrina's contribution) (Pretty much a Halloween tradition to watch with Ian since we first got together ^w^ )

+Shaun of the Dead (The pool cue scene never fails to make me laugh my ass off)

+Zombieland (what Ian and I watch during our dating anniversary-October 12th)

+American Psycho (Christian Bale is such a creeper in this)

+Trick 'r Treat (I can't rave about this movie enough!)

+Hotel Transylvania (this one cheered Evey up when she woke up during the middle of our marathon)

+The Nightmare Before Christmas (this movie brings back fond childhood memories)

+Sweeney Todd (I love all versions of this)

+Stephen King's Rose Red (Kimberly J. Brown is such a babe. I have loved her since I first watched her act in the Halloweentown series)

+Troll 2 (cause we wanted to laugh our asses off)

 +Hausu (seriously, that cat!)

+Evil Dead 2 (I had been wanting to watch this movie with Ian since I first saw it listed on Netflix)

+Creepshow 2 (we didn't get to this one, but I had especially been waiting to watch this one with Denise since last year's party)

What do you think of these movies? Comment below! ^w^

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