Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Bonus of the day-Monster Movie Madness Marathon pictures

All of these photos either belong to Denise or Shump. Again, the camera that I was going to use stopped working on me at the last moment. It sucked.
These were taken during the marathon I hosted on the 18th. ^w^

lols Ian looks pissed.
Also, holy smokes. My skin looks clear without makeup! ^w^

It's a Shump. ^w^

Denise went all out with her Gryffindor student costume. It was pretty awesome. Notice the Quaffle on the ground?

I'm not sure what Ian was smiling at, but this photo makes me smile.

Shump picked up the best possible root beer for the marathon. All hail Henry Weinhard's!

Denise shows off the cupcakes of DOOM. >:3

These cupcakes of DOOM were Denise's pick. We pass this cupcake shop on Fairview all the time. Just simply amazing. I had a Caramel Apple and Tiger's Blood one.

Katrina crossplaying as the 11th Doctor... if the 11th Doctor were a ginger.

Hi again! ^w^

A super cute picture of Denise. ^w^

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