Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Alas, we have made it to nearly the end of this Countdown. Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! ^w^
I seriously can't thank everyone enough for following me through this year, new or old.
What a ride. ^w^


News: I'm ending everything tomorrow, when Halloween pictures will be posted. Spooky Season is going to be cut short for me this year with the baby on the way. I promised Ian that November would be our heavier prepping month. As my past followers know, I usually take Spooky Season up until my wedding anniversary date, which happens to be November 15th. Why is that? Some stations still have awesome spooky stuff happening on them, like older Treehouse of Horror episodes and horror movie marathons. Celebrating the Day of the Dead is also big in my book.

Rest assured, with this break I shall come back refreshed and ready for Creepmas 2013! ^w^


My 2013 Spooky Halloween story: Gypsy Witch Fortunetelling Chills

I didn't expect to read the cards, but I did.
Sarah (polite about things) and Kira (heavily persistent) were wanting me to read their fortunes after they saw my deck lying around in my bedroom. As with my other loved ones, I happily obliged. I hadn't read the cards in awhile, so what the hell.
After Ian and my Mother-in-Law left for work, I cleared off a portion of the table to do their readings.
I started off with Sarah's reading.
I was blown away by the sheer positive vibes radiating from the cards. I had never had anyone have such a deep and happy reading at such a young age. Her reading dealt with succeeding in school and in life.
Next was Kira's reading. This reading ended on a positive note too...but it was one of the darkest readings I have ever done. Readings I usually do with GWFTC are either positive or whimsical, so it was a rather sudden wake up call.
Reading these cards one by one brought chills to my spine. I saw death of a loved one, whom I thought might end up to be her husband, inheritances, and travel. The last three cards were some of the only cheerful parts of that reading. It seems that she has good people looking out for her.
I have never had a reading where I wanted to give someone a hug so much.


Stay tuned for more Countdown goodness coming up later today! ^w^

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