Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Denise's Party

I apologize for this late post. I had to get permission for these pictures.
These are my favorites from the bunch taken.
Disclaimer: These pictures are not mine. These belong to the cool people that hosted this party. ^w^


On a final note, this blog will go on hiatus until around Creepmas 2013. See you ghasts and ghouls then! Thank you and take care! ^w^


These pictures were taken at my friend, Denise's, party. It was an adults' only party, which was why Evey wasn't there. Evey was out trick or treating at the mall nearby, then she was taken to the Berry Farm with my folks before she was dropped off at home. If my phone wasn't acting up, pictures of her in her pirate costume would be on here. D:

Aryssa looking like a boss.

The party table. Aryssa brought black lights over, and put them in the lamps above. ^w^

This corner was decorated pretty cute.

It's a Shump.

Denise with her wand at the ready.

These treats were pretty amazing tasting. The stems were made from chewy Tootsie Rolls. O.o

Screw the trick or treaters. Nom on all the candies! :P

Magical beings were here. Proof is in the wands.

Tina's shirt made me smile. This whole costume was genius.

Me in full costume and makeup. I was Mother Earth. If you were wondering, yes, I did make that flower crown from scratch. This crown got so many compliments, and people were baffled when I told them I made it. I plan on wearing it a bunch since it's so versatile with the clothes I own. ^w^

Ian as a modern Father Time. This costume would have been better if he had the pocket watch on him at the time that I gave him as an engagement present. Also, that look is goofy. One would expect him to pull a monocle out of his pocket, and hold it up to one of his eyes. XD

So many pizza slices, so little time. On that note, I didn't realize until it was pointed out that I ate six or seven slices of pizza on my own...and was still hungry afterward. I blame this pregnancy. =.=

Ian was asking me what types of pizzas were available. Also, this shot highlights the treats we brought over. You needed to bring a treat to have been allowed entry. I picked the pumpkin roll, and Ian picked the Cowboy cookies. Gosh, my hair looks fabulous from this angle. The only thing I did was sleep in a wet braid the night before. This hair style is still prominent at the moment. It's fantastic.

The three main desserts of the night.

Ard as a character you might recognize from Breaking Bad. He got so many compliments on this costume that night. The only thing he was missing was the blue rock candy. XD

These sugar cookies were pretty adorable in person.

I was taking a picture for an intense game of digital Pictionary. Notice how the door hanger looks like it's going to devour Ard's brains in the background. XD

Let the games begin!

It's a Kiba kitty. =^.^=

These retro candle holders were perfect.

The ghost in the bathroom. Another cutie.

Party prep.

Bear kept stealing Shump's seats all night. XD

Kiba crossing the path. I don't believe this little guy brings bad luck, however. =^.^=

Ian grabbing some treats to nom on before he had to go get ready for work. I'm digging the side shot of his costume in this photo.

Chilling in good company while giggling at the fourth Twilight movie Rifftrax.

So much delicious alcohol. I wish I could have partaken. Darn being pregnant. The worst part is that Ard brought some Cinnful Apple Angry Orchard hard cider. That stuff is seasonal, so I won't be able to drink it until next year. T.T

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