Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Bonus of the day-MoH sizzle reel

It's interesting to see what turns people on to the horror genre.


  1. I was 7 or 8 when Friday they 13th came out, I remember sitting in "the spot of safety" on the stairs to my room while my parents watched movies like that. I was basically behind my Dad while having a clear getaway to my room.
    My daughter (16) went thru a horror kick a couple years ago, she watched them all on Netflix, including the Human Centipede parts 1 & 2. yeah. Disgusting is putting it mildly. But nothing really fazed her until I suggested a classic - The Exorcist. That one did freak her out!
    Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery

  2. I used to sneak downstairs at night around age seven just to watch scary movies at night without my parents knowing. The Human Centipede series was pretty gross, I agree. The Exorcist still freaks me out to this day. I think the parts that got to me the most were the head twist and the distorted body crawling down the stairs.