Monday, September 30, 2013

Posting schedule

As promised, here's how I'm planning on posting during Countdown to Halloween:

October 1st-14th: Planned posts that I have been writing for weeks now will be posted about midnight PST everyday (this was planned due to how hectic it's going to get around here this time)

October 15th-31st: Posts will be posted everyday at random times. These posts will be more current and not planned. Expect current photos and surprises. ^w^

So... our original costume plans went down the drain due to money and time issues. We wanted to be Katey's gifts (think Dead Rising 2). This theme happened completely by accident due to Ian getting ahold of a copy of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. We were both on a Dead Rising kick, so it was perfect. Ian was going to be Freedom Bear. I was going to be the blue bunny that you attach to the motor cycles. Evey was going to be Snowflake. All of these outfits were going to be kigurumi mods. D:

As backup costumes, we plan on being a magical family. Evey and I will be tasteful witches, and Ian is going to be a classy, modern wizard. The dress I plan on making or buying (seriously depending on our budget again) is going to double as the main outfit I plan on wearing to the Masquerade of the Macabre lolita photoshoot. The accessories will probably be changed up between Halloween and the photoshoot, unless I decide otherwise.

Party wise, I plan on keeping things a lot more casual, but still in the spirit of Spooky Season (not posting the exact details since some of the readers of this blog will be attending the get together I'm hosting! ;D ). The party I'm throwing is taking place either the 12th or the 13th of October.

With Halloween getting closer, have you got your costume planned, or are you more the spontaneous type? Post your thoughts below!


  1. I'm dressing up in my Hogwarts robes for Halloween this year. I haven't worn them in a long time and it's the perfect reason to finally wear my legit, made-in-Scotland, lambs wool Gryffindor jumper and that I purchased in Wizarding World this past spring! If it's cold enough, I'll even wear the matching scarf and gloves :D

    1. That's pretty awesome! If I had legit Slytherin jumper, I might just join you. ^.~ Halloween is always perfect for cosplaying anything Harry Potter related.