Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Countdown to Halloween: Steiff Scary Cat

(Taking a break from some of the heavier posts, as Evey is quite fussy at the moment. They will return shortly.)

It's crazy to think that the original Steiff Scary Cat was first made 111 years ago.

If you know Steiff stuffed animals, you know you're getting something that happens to be the best of the best and will last forever.

Steiff happened to make another Scary Cat that is exclusive to North America this year.

It looks like this:
Isn't it just adorable? ^w^

Here is the official page that explains more about this creepily cute kitty, along with its purchasing information.

Note: If you happen to get me one of these, I will love you forever. :P 
*avid doll/stuffed animal collector*

P.S. If the Steiff Scary Cat is out of your budget for this year, check out the Williams-Sonoma Steiff Black cat (also a 2013 exclusive) located here.


  1. They are so cute! I do think I like the Steiff offering better than Williams Sonoma's. That's a toy that belongs in a glass case & not tossed on a shelf like my small collection to get covered in dust.
    Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery