Friday, December 14, 2012

Weep For The Dead

I usually don't like posting stuff like this, but today struck a chord within myself.

When I heard about what happened in Connecticut and China today, I honestly broke down and held Evelyn and Ian close to me. Earlier tonight, I prayed and lit pine incense for all the souls lost as of late worldwide. I prayed for peace and healing, especially for the poor families and their friends that lost their loved ones. Another sigil making session is in order too.

What has this world come to when children are attacked like that? And before more of the holidays?

Also, hearing about gun control is all good and all, but that doesn't solve everything. I agree with my younger brother that did his Senior Project on gun control that the better solution would be regulating ammunition sold, along with a mental health evaluation. A bad situation would be a person hitting another person with the gun, unless the top of the gun had a bayonet attachment.

Mental health needs to be looked at in both situations of the people that started these tragedies. Situations like this remind us to love one another and treat each other with kindness. Did these people do what they did because of bullying? Depression? Anger? Revenge? All of the above? None of the above? We won't know unless we reach out to people like this.

On an ending note, what happened today just reassures me that hybrid homeschooling will be good for Evelyn and any other kids that Ian and I may have in the future.

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