Monday, December 3, 2012

On The Third Day of Creepmas, My True Love Gave To Me...

... a very awesome Creepmas tree! (So what if it's out of order! :P )

If I had my way about it, I would have a black Christmas tree, string purple, orange, and green lights through it, and put Halloween related ornaments all over it. Unfortunately, my husband finds the idea of Creepmas a little weird, so that idea was kaput. In the small living space that we have, we have a tiny twenty inch tree that we plan on decorating soon. As a compromise, the color scheme is going to be purple and green, and I have free reign to decorate this living space area in a Yule fashion. I was even thinking about a gold and green color scheme to mimic Lurlinemas from Wicked at one point (since it sounds so awesome!). Whatever happens, pictures will definitely be up when this living space is fully decorated!

Enough about my situation. Time to help you Creepmas stalkers find awesome stuff for your Creepmas tree (especially if you're stuck on ideas)!

Amazing Party Store has a fantastic Creepmas tree for sale. It's six feet tall, and would make a wonderful addition to any household fully celebrating Creepmas. You can also pick out a tree that's green, purple, white, or orange, if you're a person that needs color. If you're needing a tiny tree since you don't have a lot of space (like us), then you should look into getting a tiny Christmas tree, and spray paint it whatever color you want. A bunch of retail stores offer Christmas trees in multiple colors too, if you're feeling lazy/are allergic to spray paint/don't want a bunch of chemicals in your system. Another good alternative for a space saving tree is a wall wreath/tree. French By Design has some amazing wall tree solutions. I love how the washi tape tree design is totally a simplified Creepmas tree design! If you're not feeling wall tree/wreath related, people make trees out of non-living objects all the time. Maybe you can take mini skulls, and build a tree out of those, perhaps (if you do, please post me a picture in the comments below for sure!!!)? The possibilities are endless.

Next up is lights (since you don't want to make the mistake of dressing a tree in ornaments first!). Are you going to go all traditional, and get candles to put in your tree?  If that's the case, make sure you are around the tree constantly when the candles are lit, and put them in candle holders.You can get different colors of candles to get into the Creepmas mood. You can make mini jack o' lanterns to put in the tree if you're feeling creative. A safer solution (since most trees are highly flammable) is to use LED tea lights to keep a traditional, yet modern look. Another good solution for traditional is to get plain white lights (on a black tree, that would look pretty cool!). Colored lights are always a safe bet. Purple, green, red, blue, and orange are constant winners, and don't cost an arm and a leg this time of year. Target has a pretty amazing selection.

The last main component to a Creepmas tree is the decorations. Good tree topper starting ideas would be scary clown masks, jack o' lantern trick or treat buckets, a creepy doll, a fallen angel, and a bleeding star. Again, anything goes. Really make this tree for you! Do you have any awesome collectible Halloween toys that you don't mind modifying? Make them into ornaments! Take a pretty ribbon, form it into a loop, and then hot glue that sucker onto the toy. Done! Homemade and awesome! Pretty color ribbons are always awesome to decorate trees with by themselves too. For the lazy people, Amazing Party Store is also offering Creepmas ornaments. Another good place for buying a bunch of Creepmas related ornaments is Etsy.

What you do now is up to you. You can add a tree cover or whatever else you like!

Still stuck? Look up Creepmas tree images on Google.

P.S. If you have already have your Creepmas tree up, you should post pictures of it in the comments below! Thanks! ^w^

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